"Painting faces, one stroke at a time, to reveal the true masterpiece within. Beauty is my canvas, and makeup is my art. Let me create a masterpiece that reflects the beauty that already exists in you."


My Mission

As a makeup artist, my mission goes beyond cosmetics; I am on a journey to unveil the unique beauty within every individual. With each brushstroke, I aspire to be a creator of confidence, a catalyst for self-expression, and a sculptor of personal empowerment.

My Values

My value lies in the joy and empowerment I instill in others, as I use my skills to highlight the individuality and radiance of each person who sits in my chair.

Aleksandra’s enchantment with the art of makeup began at a young age, transforming her passion into a beautiful career. A graduate of the Health, Beauty Care, and Education College in Poznan, Poland, specializing in Cosmetology and Educational Sciences with a B.A. in Make-up Art and Design, she has adorned faces in Poland, Scotland, and Turkey.


Her journey continued in England, where new opportunities unfolded. In 2021, Aleksandra completed the Media course at The Iver Make-up Academy, honing her skills for various light settings in film, HDTV, and events.


Beyond her academic achievements, Aleksandra has immersed herself in face-to-face and online masterclasses, dedicated to continuous growth and learning. With years of experience and a rich educational background, she crafts desired looks for bridal, photography, special occasions, videography, and fashion runways.


Based in the heart of Milton Keynes, Aleksandra is not confined by boundaries and is available to bring her artistry wherever the occasion may be. Her commitment to delivering beauty and artistry to clients reflects her love for every facet of makeup. For Aleksandra, each stroke is a celebration of beauty on your special day.